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Really well written, dynamic and practical, See it from the Top presents a fascinating story of Yury’s Everest Expedition in 2009 that is filled with drama, comedy and triumphs of the high altitude life. With his unique storytelling style, Yury Pritzker does a great job of getting you into participatory mode, engaging all your senses in his challenging quest up to the world’s highest mountain. This book is something fairly rare in our modern tragedy/thriller oriented literature about Everest. It is a treat for the adventurous soul – You want the story to continue! Read it..

Here’s what others are saying:

How to climb Everest without quitting your day job is one of the best stories of an ordinary person reaching his unordinary dream.

 – Apa Sherpa
Word record holder, 21 Everest Summits

Full of funny and tragic details of the trip, this book is a great look behind the Everest climbing scene and will be informative and inspirational for climbers and non-climbers alike.

– Will Cross
world-class mountain climber and motivational
speaker,ascended the highest peaks on all seven continents
and walked to both the North and South Poles

A highly emotional book written by a strong man. It shows what it takes to make it to the top. The book reads in one sitting, it captures you, and through it you see a different world described with talent and passion.

– Dr. Mark Dykman,
Professor of Physics, Michigan State University

Yury is an immensely practical thinker, and the engineer in him is clear to see in this great book. He analyses and explains in detail the step by step process that took him to the summit of Mt. Everest. I call Yury “the Rocket” because of his strength, determination and speed in climbing. I am proud to have played a small part in Yury’s great success.

– Dawa Steven Sherpa
Leader, Eco Everest Expedition, Managing Director, Asian Trekking

I was a member of Yury’s expedition team, and I summitted Mt. Everest two days after Yury. His book is a gripping and accurate account of the expedition that captures the difficulties, challenges, joys and fears of our great mountain adventure. Part 3 is a good read for anyone contemplating a high altitude alpine climb since it focuses on what it takes to succeed in this rarefied atmosphere.

– Bill Burke
The oldest American who reached the summit of Mt. Everest

This book is not just another book about mountain climbing. From the first chapter till the very end, See it from the Top presents great story telling. It is a detailed, day-by-day account that is sometimes unnerving and sometimes very funny.This is also a book with many careful medical observations and technical improvements that could be useful in sport medicine.

Fast-paced and easy to read, Yury’s story is a great inspiration for anyone who loves challenge, self-improvement and adventure.

– Alexander Golbin, M.D., Ph.D.
 Medical Director Sleep and Behavior Medicine
Institute Editor in Chief: Sleep and Health journal

Climbing to the top of the world is as much a psychological battle as much as it is a physical effort. I am sure all the readers will greatly enjoy this book and treasure it as a resource as they plan their own expeditions.

– Ang Tshering Sherpa
 Immediate Past President, Nepal Mountaineering Association.
Chairman, Asian Trekking

Climbing Everest without quitting a day job offers an exceptional and deeply personal look into what it takes to climb Mt. Everest. Not only this book is an easy and interesting read, it motivates you to trust your heart and follow your dreams against all odds.

– Keith Leon
Book mentor, Speaker & Bestselling Author of the book,
Who Do You Think You Are? Discover The Purpose Of Your Life

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