Mental and Emotional Training

Part 4 of my book called “Confessions of the Climber’s Wife” was written by my wife Svetlana (Lana) Pritzker, I am grateful for her support and contributions to my book and would like to share with you some of the resources she provided.

Svetlana is a spiritual teacher, author, and energy intuitive who specializes in mind/body awareness. She developed and delivered a special mental/emotional training program that became one of the major success factors in reaching my goal. I believe that her recommendations are useful not only for athletes, but definitely for everybody else as well..

Lana is an author of three books, numerous transformational CDs and articles. She may be contacted for speaking arrangements, group and personal coaching at or by email Svetlana generously shares her healing insights through writing, intuitive readings and teaching via Lana Pritzker’s Channel on and locally


Asian Trekking

The Asian Trekking Company that I’ve chosen for my Everest Expedition. I am very grateful to Ang Tshering, the president of the company, and Dawa Steven Sherpa, the managing director and our expedition leader, for their great support and exceptional service

“After coming back from the climb I can happily say that the decision that we made was the correct one. In my expedition with the Asian Trekking company in addition to the summit day Sherpa support that was part of the deal, every climber also was paired with a climbing Sherpa on any climbing day. This was really great and I believe in that sense we had even more support than a guided expedition would be providing.”  Read More…

People I am grateful  for:

My wife Svetlana Pritzker for her support, wisdom, acceptance, love and trust not only in my ability to climb Everest, but also to write this book. Her role in writing the Part 4 of the book and following a step-by-step process of getting the whole project completed is invaluable.    

Paul Adler, Australian climber, was a huge help. He provided tons of practical advices and answered many questions I had before the expedition. Paul also has a company that offers an automatic refill of Thuraya sim card using your credit card. I successfully used his company’s service to keep my communications with the world going throughout the trip.

My friend Efim Shvartsman who modified my ascender and made a much larger handle, so I could easily use it wearing my expedition mittens. Read More…

My friend Arnod Sheynman who helped me produce heating devices that I designed and used to warm my feet and hands. Read More…

My sister Irena Chizchik, M.D. who’s dedication of providing me with 5 lb of medical supplies and monitoring my health via satellite phone when I needed it was a great assistance.

My many sponsors that helped me get it to the TOP financially.

The book

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Avalanche at Base Camp

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